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How much important is money in anyone’s life especially if you are a person having dreams, goals, and numerous responsibilities?

Money has become an indispensable part of our lives and youth need it more than anyone. Some are blessed with a silver spoon while some burn the midnight oil to make the ends meet.

For those who say money can’t buy happiness well maybe it can’t, but it is also an indisputable fact that it is essential for survival.

The promising youth has many dreams; some aspire to be in defense, some want to land in corporate jobs while some…

We all live in a technology-driven world where every second new, exciting innovation is taking place. Everything we buy gets outdated in a matter of months.

Let us take an example of a boy named “Z” who belongs to the gen Z. He wants to buy a device in which games could be run smoothly as it requires specific configuration. He has many options in a variety of price range, but his eyes were set on a particular device which had better specs. He shells out some extra bucks and purchased that device although it was higher than his planned…

If you are living in the 2021 world it wouldn’t be necessary to explain the importance of money.

Although it’s only a paper but it can decide the entire course of an individual’s life. everyone knows the worth of the money and hence works hard to earn it.

We all want to achieve independence from the economic constraints and work our whole life to attain it. The freedom you sought is called financial independence.

Everyone has been through a point in their life or will be where they would want to cherish their life and enjoy the moments with their…

Earnhance is a marketplace for ideas, skills, and abilities where anyone can work on the projects they are passionate about. The Super-expert app’s freelancing feature will be up and running soon, with tools to assist both employers and freelancers in getting work done.

A freelancer is someone who works for a charge, whether it’s an hourly rate, a fee per word, or a price per project. To put it another way, freelancers exchange their time for money.

A content writer is an example of a modern-day freelancer. …

Everyone has been through a point in their life where they would have wanted to step aside for a moment, enjoy for a while and cherish the journey of life. The idea does sound familiar and impossible to achieve at the same time for common folks.

We all talk about recent trends in markets, prices of shares, cryptocurrency but we remain stuck at the talks only and never really put any effort to learn more about them. The lack of updated knowledge and our mediocre ideology acts as a shackle in our financially independent future.

We all have plans and…


Earnhance is a Finance Super App which helps you in earning, investing and spending your money in a smarter way.

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